Commercial Work

Shoreline Stone has grown steadily in the commercial area since its inception but particularly so in recent years. Commercial work now represents over 50% of our volume of business.

We have seen this growth across all our lines of work. We now fabricate quartz surfaces daily for office buildings, the hospitality industry and academic facilities. Our solid surface shop is busy serving primarily the health care industry.

We have also developed a presence in the yachting industry with both solid surface and quartz.

We are proud to say that our growth has happened without we ever advertising our services. Our growth has been due to the quality of our work, our customer service and our timeliness.

We showcase below the projects we have completed recently or are in the process of completing


Men's and Women's Hall Restroom - Vanities -12/12/2017
Hall - Baseboard
Tree House Arcade - Tree Bases - 3/15/2018
Villas - Credenzas - 4/23/18
Villa Bar - Bar Top

Dictation - Counter - 1/5/2018
Cardiac Cath Lab - Counters - 4/25/2018
Physicians Lounge - Counter - 3/30/2018
Cafeteria - Counter - 5/10/2017

Lobby - Counters - 11/14/17

Desk and Counters - 11/28/2017
Juice Bar - 11/28/2017
Fire Place - 12/1/2017

Project Item Date
Pfizer Counter & Shelf 4/9/2018
Fishers Island Club Vanities and Partitions 4/4/2018
Hilton Hartford Tables 12/1/2017
Hartford Marriott Desk, Coffee Bar, and Bellhop Station
Registration Pods and Lobby Bar
Back Bar
Hartford Marriott Vanities 6/1/2018
Fairfield Inn Desk and Uppers
Lobby Counters & Coffee Station
Fitness Room counter
Twin River Hotel Vanities 6/5/2017
DeClercq Office Group Desk Upper 6/3/2018
South County Urology Counters 5/31/2018
Dunkin Donuts Park @ Yard Goat Wall Panels and Bar 2/9/2017

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